Adventures in (by proxy) Filmmaking 7/16

So this week begins filming on the movie Good Intentions, and the set just so happens to be in the backyard of my brand new (old) house. When we first found out about this from the film’s location scout, we jumped at the chance to have our humble abode filmed, if for nothing other than the potential stories we would have to tell. And the compensation didn’t hurt, either.

The location scout was a nice gentleman, rather Dustin Hoffman-ish, who really liked my dog, Cosmo (Said he was named after his favorite drink…). He came to our house last week and talked a little about the film: who was starring (Luke Perry, LeAnn Rhimes, Uncle Rico, and Randy from My Name is Earl), where the other locations were (next door, the abandoned gas station down the street), and the subject matter (a southern comedy, in the tradition of There’s Something About Mary).

Never really considered There’s Something About Mary a Southern comedy, but alright.

Curiously, as soon as the words “Southern comedy” escaped his lips, he hurriedly said “–but we’re not making fun of Southerners!”

Hmmm. Seems he’s had to fend off that question before.

We assured him it didn’t matter either way to us; we were big enough film buffs that bragging rights of being a location on a movie was good enough. Secretly I was wishing for a role as an extra or a “Special Thanks To” credit, but I kept that to myself.

The next day we returned from work to find that construction had begun on the set in our yard. The scene was to be of a dog trainer’s house, and they had told us they would be putting dog kennels up and that after shooting we would never even know they had been there.

We walked to the back to check things out, and found chicken wire, a COUCH, a kitchen sink, milk crates, and tires strewn about the yard.

wheel-barrow-and-tires.jpg   chicken-wire.jpg

couch.jpg   sink.jpg

Not making fun of Southerners, huh? Riiiiiiight. To be continued …


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