Adventures in (by proxy) Filmmaking, Part Deux 7/18

So the big day arrives. I’m talking about it all day at work, telling all of my friends “Yep. Dylan McKay’s gonna be in my back yard when I get home. It’s okay to be jealous.”

Toward the end of the day, Steve (the location scout, and Dustin Hoffman’s long-lost brother) calls me at work and says that some of the cameramen had noticed that my dog was in the house and being a bit yappie.

Steve wanted to be sure that I’d be home to keep Cosmo quiet, and told me that they’d be setting up around 5:30. When I told him I didn’t get off of work until 6:00, he promptly asked if I had a spare key to my house around.

When I assured him I did not (Don’t know you that well), he asked if he could swing by my office and pick one up, just in case he had to come in and “pet the dog – or take him to the production office so he wouldn’t bother the set.” He wasn’t taking no for an answer. Time is money I guess.

I said thank you but no thank you – I’d be home by 5:30.

So we arrive home, distract ‘Smo (as he’s affectionately called around my house), and settle down to a bit of organizing and unpacking. You see, we’ve just moved in, and the place looks a bit, well, in disarray. I had asked earlier if our house would be in the shot and they had assured me, much to my relief, that if it were they would let us know, and we could move any boxes, etc. off the porch.

So Steve shows up at our front door and tells us what to expect over the next few hours. They were bringing in a string of German Shepherds on the set, and they would have one scene with the dogs going ape-shite (at which point we were to keep ‘Smo quiet), and then the dogs would be silenced so that the actors could deliver their lines.

He invited us to join the crew in the yard and watch the filming, but we knew if we did that there would be no way we could keep the dog quiet, so we decided not to. I did manage to sneak out and grab a few pictures while they were setting up. I didn’t see anyone I recognized, so I went back inside and continued unpacking.

At one point the boy asked me to grab something off the porch so he could put it in the attic. The dogs hadn’t begun barking yet, so I went to retrieve said item. But when I walked outside, all the hustling and bustling of the crew had stopped, and it was dead quiet. Er…

I froze, turned around, and walked back inside just in time to hear the director scream “CUT!”


A few minutes later, a sweaty young man wearing a Janet Jackson-style headset knocked on my door.

“Um, yeah … I’m with the film crew who’s filming the movie in your backyard …”

No kidding.

“Um, you were in the shot just then. Can you not peek your head out anymore?”

Sheesh. So much for being forewarned. Steve invited us out and never said that any of the exits from the house would be on camera. The most troubling part of this is that my porch was obviously in the scene they were shooting, and at the moment my porch looks like this …

porch-2.jpg porch-1.jpg


Meaning the crew took a look at it, and rather than ask us to move our belongings, decided the look of it went along quite nicely with the chicken wire, the couch, and the kitchen sink the yard.Oh, and Luke Perry was indeed in my backyard, but I never saw him because I stayed – rather sheepishly – in my house after the “in the shot” incident. Damn the man.


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