Embracing my inner French girl.

The French’s girl’s notion of time is that of a flaneur–a stroller, one who does not go places with a particular objective or precise schedule but allows the ambling course of general intentions to guide her into unplanned encounters and special unexpected pleasures. In her world, time is not money. Time is life. As Wharton once described it, real life is deep an complex and slowly developed, and has its roots in fundamental things. And you cannot experience those fundamental things, or true pleasure in life, without taking your time.

…when it comes to the essential things in life–the personally relevant, the inimately clear–she does not rush. She does not force today what can get done tomorrow. Time is relative: life is short, memories are long. To all things a season, quite literally.

— Debra Ollivier, Entre Nous

Suddenly my long-standing aversion to wrist watches may make a little more sense.

Viva la France!


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